Ron Paul is a Christian Too

I am perplexed to keep reading how the evangelicals are flocking to support Rick Santorum, a Catholic.  The other candidates that the media keep pushing are Mitt Romney, a Mormon, and Newt Gingrich, a recent Catholic convert.  I guess there isn’t anyone else for us Christians… we have to choose between those three!

But wait, there is another candidate.  What’s his name, I heard it once or twice on the news… oh yeah, Ron Paul.  But he isn’t a Christian and he’s against the military, right?  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  Ron Paul professes his faith in Christ in this video, if you need to see it for yourself.  Ron Paul worked as an obstetrician-gynecologist from the 1960’s to the 1980’s.  He’s against abortion!  He’s against borrowing money by constantly raising the debt ceiling!  Wow, that’s another  Biblical principle and where do the other candidates stand on that???

Many of you believe America won’t be #1 militarily anymore, if Ron Paul is elected President.  Again, that is a misunderstanding of what will happen that has been publicised  in the media and proclaimed loudly in the Republican party.  Ron Paul is against the undeclared wars we’ve pursued in a misguided foreign policy.  Yes, I believe the neo-conservatives will have to look elsewhere to support their money addicted habit in defense spending.  But let me ask you a question, how big does the military have to be?  Honestly, it has to be big enough to defend this country and protect our allies.  We don’t need to keep attacking countries who haven’t attacked us.  Hey, that’s another Biblical principle.

I’m going to stray into college football a little here, just for an illustration.  I’ll say up front that I tend to be an Auburn fan, so no one will take this personal.   In Alabama, the Crimson Tide football team has to be #1 to all their fans.  In my mind, they’ve been spoiled with so many national championships, that a single season loss is a ruined and disappointing year.  If the coach were to leave, the fans would demand the best(highest paid ), most talented around as a replacement.  There are other things going on at the University of Alabama, but most football fans aren’t aware of it.  A lot of kids actually get an education there.  The illustration is this, there are more important issues confronting America than her military power.  We’re going to be #1 for decades to come, lets stop throwing money at the pentagon!  We are overburdened with debt brought on by imperialistic ideas, encouraged by corporate greed.  It’s time to focus on the home front.

It’s time to bring some relief to the financial pain most Americans feel.  I believe Ron Paul will work hard to that end.  President Obama promised us change and didn’t deliver.  Ron Paul has made that promise and will keep it!  For Christians who are searching to someone to support, I can’t think of anyone in the race that has been more consistent than Ron Paul.  His beliefs haven’t changed through the years like the other candidates… Hey, that’s another Biblical principle, faithful to his word!

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