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You Can’t Rollerskate in a Buffalo Herd

It’s a herd mentality thing!  If everyone is running in one direction and you’re going the other, it’s not going to be pretty!

This big guy was standing in a fence next to where I was working today.  His eyes seemed to be telling me something.  David, why are you surprised Ron Paul lost yesterday?  He’s a great guy, but the herd is going the other way.

Sure enough, as I started my truck, the whole herd bolted to the other side of the field.

They are easily spooked, people, that is.  The media have the public so scared of voting for Ron Paul, he can’t possibly win the nomination.  I talked to a Santorum voter the other day and he said that Paul was for legalizing drugs and shutting down the military!  “What? Where did you hear that lie?”  “It was on the radio…”  “You may have heard some idiot talking on the radio, but you didn’t hear Ron Paul say that!”

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still hope and pray that Congressman Paul wins the nomination.  It’s just getting mathematically difficult.  The good news from all this, is that seeds have been planted and ideas floated that will last for generations!  Young people and a lot of us older ones too, have seen the light of a great politician.  A man consistent in his voting, not wavering on his philosophy, and patriotic to the core! A man with fiscal responsibility who could make the American dollar sound again!  But the herd doesn’t want that!  They want more of the same.  Obviously, it hasn’t gotten bad enough for most conservatives yet, or they’re just running from the gunfire.

The herd is going to run away from the big media guns.  Stampeded in the direction that is most detrimental.  They’ll end up in a box canyon with nowhere to go except a packing house.  Or they might get picked off one at a time, by another version of the patriot act.  Hopefully one day, before it’s too late, they’ll remember greener pastures, where there was liberty and freedom.  They had good grazing and didn’t know what a hot brand was.

Makes me think of the Israelites wandering in the wilderness, complaining to Moses about how bad things were.  If only we had trusted… we could have been in the promised land!  You’ll remember it was their kids who actually inherited it.

Keep praying for America and the kids who will inherit it.  May there be a Gideon around to lead them!


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