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How Many Degrees ya Got?

My normal temperature is about 98, thanks for asking.  How did we, as a society, get so hung up on education degrees?  It must have come from the old Catholic Cliche’, which went something like, “give us your child to educate and they will always be Catholic”.  I believe liberals co-opted that idea, and by taking over the American education system, our children have become un-educated liberals. We have an education system which, if you are a Christian parent, opposes almost everything you hold dear.

I remember my first history class in college.  The professor, in the very first class, went on a rant about how religion had ruined the world.  He was not a Christian, and professed as much!  I just felt sorry for him and his warped ideas.  I know enough about history to see the good that religion, especially Christianity, has done.  Humanity, as a whole, is much like a singular human.  Terrible mistakes were made, but repentance along the way has shown goodness and mercy.

Christians, different from most world religions, see the value of every single human.  It doesn’t matter if that person is sleeping on a park bench or sitting in the oval office.  People without a Christian worldview have a different view of that value.  They believe an individual must be educated in their arts to become truly worthy of their anointing.  The ungodly religion of liberalism, and it is a religion, spends billions of dollars to make converts.  Their converts are networked up in their own system and nonbelievers are kept out.  Students are enticed over to the dark side with promises of huge salaries and perks which include guiltless sins, too numerous to mention.  Cookies from the dark side, just what a young college student wants.

Now Christians have a funny way of fighting their enemies, they just go away and give it to them.  We started Christian colleges, and the good guys and girls went there.  We gave them the university instead of fighting for our right in the arena.  Then, needing money, our side raised tuition so high, that most must attend secular schools, being a minority.  Peer pressure is an awful thing and most young Christians succumb by feeling overwhelmed in number.

Liberal institutions are certainly not the bastions of education they are made out to be.  Many graduates end up with a spiritual retardedness they cannot overcome, even with help!  Let’s face it, there is a God and HE must be approached for salvation through Jesus. Our Christian boys and girls take on the “agnostic” label to shunt criticism and then find out later in life, repentance is tough.  Being an agnostic is a weak argument for admission to Heaven.  “Lord, You never convinced me you existed!”  Obviously, they forgot reading in Romans chapter one, The wrath of God is being revealed from heaven against all the godlessness and wickedness of men who suppress the truth by their wickedness, For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities – his eternal power and divine nature-have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made, so that men are without excuse.

Not only is a liberal graduate spiritually hindered, he is often financially chained to debt.   Student loans, books, and tuitions, all the offerings to the liberal gods, fund the system and pay for the priests.   Sorry, I mean the professors.  A graduate from their institution may be promised a high income, but upon exiting many are unable to locate them.  Most of the good CEO jobs are already taken.

I’ll throw in a personal observation as well.  I’ve known university graduates who couldn’t change a flat tire.  A liberal education doesn’t necessarily make you smarter.  They teach you things that THEY want you to know.  Often, a vocational education would be a much better value, especially if it didn’t corrupt your spiritual intellect.  Most people just need training in a career to earn a living.  Vocational schools do a good job with that, at a much lower cost and without all the baggage.  A good employee needs to know the job he/she is doing and not necessarily how religion has or hasn’t ruined the world.

Now, if we could just get companies to understand that college graduates don’t necessarily make good managers…and that is a whole different topic!

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